allison luedtke 

As an artist, I am empowered to redefine things in my own terms: to create works of art symbolizing anything, anyone, or any emotion I want to capture, express and share. My goal is to take reality down the path of abstraction and recreate it through a combination of mixed media: bronze, glass, or stone. I also like to incorporate found or natural objects, creating new life from discarded throwaways, which enrich a work with a sense of history, making a connection to the past. I am fascinated with materials, how they work, how they can be manipulated and transformed by carving, welding, grinding, weaving, melting and fusing, to name a few. I constantly am learning new technical processes, both traditional ones and new technology, to translate my ideas into works of art. I view my work as a sort of gift or offering, intentionally created to visually delight or somehow touch the viewer. It is an invitation for people to pause, reflect and quietly enjoy a memory or a feeling, bound in the world of form, color, and light.

This collection represents a sampling of the artwork by the artist. Please contact Art Resources Gallery to see more available pieces.