Rita Dungey 

Rita Kirsch Dungey resides in Bloomington, MN.  Her non-representational and abstract mixed media works are a combination of bold forms, colors, and textures that are intuitively and expressively combined to create lush, free, and energetic images.  

Rita has worked in medical research, social work, psychology, yoga, and Reiki (a form of energetic healing).   Currently she devotes herself full-time to creating art. Her background in health-care, healing, and helping others remains a foundationin her artistic practice.  She experiences art as a combination of life giving forces and honors the freedom to create.   Having courage, responding to what occurs, trusting nature, and following one’s rhythms all work to breathe life in to her work and art. 

Rita completed a 2-year program as a protégé in WARM (Women’s Art Registry of MN), mentored by artist Mary Bergs.  She studied for 5 years with artist Tom Tyler at Bloomington Theatre and Art Center, and has also taken additional classes and workshops at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Normandale Community College, and other local art centers.  Rita’s artwork has been exhibited at Northrup King Building, Hennepin County Library, The Baroque Room, Gorecki Gallery, Minneapolis Foundation Offices, Bloomington Theatre and Art Center, (Artistry), Robbin Gallery, Edina Art Center, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Century College, and has works in multiple corporate settings in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  She has also exhibited in Japan. 

This collection represents a sampling of the artwork by the artist. Please contact Art Resources Gallery to see more available pieces.