Richard F. Rock 

History is my passion.   Painting is the means of fulfilling it.

While enrolled in atelier and landscape painting programs, my summers were spent interpreting 19th century American history as a seasonal interpreter for the Minnesota Historical Society and the National Park Service.  Dressed in costume as a period artist, utilizing my “period” portfolio of historical landscapes, figures, and artifacts, I interpreted early 19th century American history and demonstrated the use of reproduction painting materials.

Irresistibly drawn to historical subjects, I enjoy showcasing them in attractive compositions that will both please and inform the viewer.  My artifact and interior paintings, depicted from life in museum galleries, were originally painted to help develop visual memory, but I came to paint them for the sheer pleasure of it and the connections they provided to the past.  It was a means to “paint history from life”.

My fascination with history does not quit.   There is no stopping it.