Rachel Baines 

Raised in New York City by parents who were professional stage actors, Rachel Baines was surrounded by art from her earliest memories. With a degree in Art History and Classics from NYU, Baines traveled through Argentina and Brazil after graduation. She was greatly moved by South American culture -- the intensive history and fierce nationalism both countries maintain. Their artwork married their religious beliefs with the evolution of their changing world -- creating unique, bold results. That balance inspired much of Baines’ early work. A novice architect in her own right, Baines has become a student of many of the East Coast modern masters. She counts Philip Johnson and Marcel Breuer as two of her favorite influences.

The artist writes, “Everyone associates modern architecture with California, but both of my parents were big architecture buffs. When you live in the city, you dream of getting away to pastoral, Upstate retreats. So we were always taking long drives, looking at architectural homes. These houses were filled with classic, modern art that inspired my eye and color palate. They were paintings that brought light, color and abstraction to linear spaces. And it was art that balanced bleak winter whites with vibrancy and warmth. I still look to recreate those moods in my work to this day. ”