Patricia Canney 

Patricia Canney is a Minneapolis artist who received her BA from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Studio Art. After spending 2 yrs in the Peace Corps in West Africa she came back to Minneapolis to work in television graphics, advertising and graphic design. She returned to fine art with pen, ink and watercolor, painting with other artists in Brittany. She took her first oil painting workshop with Kim English in l999 and has continued traveling and painting in her NE Minneapolis Arts District studio. She has taught a painting workshop in the Hill Country of Texas at Wenmohs Ranch.

She paints the places and people from her own world and experience... mostly garments, interiors, and still life. The garment paintings evolved from store fronts, tailors' work rooms, dressmakers' studios, ballet and theater costumes. The restaurant interiors are reminiscent of the small town cafe her parents owned. The dresses - from playing "dress up"...the fabric, sewing and design from childhood past times.

This collection represents a sampling of the artwork by the artist. Please contact Art Resources Gallery to see more available pieces.