Art Resources Gallery Newsletter April 2019

Native Prairies and Pollinators
April 5th - April 26th
We are celebrating the return of spring with our next exhibition Native Prairies and Pollinators. The show will feature artwork by three local artists Janella Fesenmaier, Kathleen Krishnan and Jeff Boutin. These three sure know how to make our gallery walls sing! Be sure to visit both of our locations to see the full show.

Artful Breakfast
April 9th, 9-10am

Please join us at our IMS location for a casual hour of conversation, coffee and breakfast snacks. This new event will occur the second Tuesday of every other month, and will provide an opportunity to meet an artist and hear the stories behind their art. We will have the three artists from Native Prairies and Pollinators here on April 9th. Bring your curiosity and questions!
~Janella and Liz
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Wine and Cheese Tuesdays
April 16th, 4-7pm  

Please join us at our Edina location for a festive evening of wine, cheese and cheer.  We will be featuring a variety of artwork that is sure to inspire.  
 ~Beverly, Melinda and Evonne
Harmony by Jodi Reeb, 18 x 18, Encaustic on Board

A Collection of New Art 

One of our favorite things about working at an art gallery is seeing all of the new art when it arrives. Here is a small sampling of some pieces we received in March. Swing by the gallery to see them in person! 
MO-79 by Jamie Lang 18 x 24, Encaustic on Adobe
Reminiscent II by Peter Kuttner, 8 x 8, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Board
Patina Garden by Lun Tse, 18 x 18, Mixed Media on Paper

For bees, the flower is the fountain of life;
For flowers, the bee is the messenger of love.

~Emily Dickinson

NCECA Wrap-up!
Wow, NCECA sure was a whirlwind!  The national conference is in its 53rd year and attracts people from all over the world to celebrate clay. The gallery welcomed guests from five countries and over twenty states during the event! Thanks to the artists, to the building and to the community for making this a grand success. 

~Janella and Liz