Lyn Reed

Lyn Reed has always been fascinated by the pottery works of ancient peoples. Her art processes have focused around adapting and combining ancient techniques to create unique works. Central to her work is Pit Firing. This process consists of creating hand built and thrown vessels that are fired in an excavated pit. The atmosphere of smoke, fire, heat, and gasses created in the pit causes each pot to have a high variety in color and texture. Through this method no two pots will ever be the same. She creates her sculptures and vessels in her studio in Orr, Minnesota.

Lyn has been an art educator and artist in both the United States and Australia (where she is originally from) for over 35 years. She studied art education and ceramics and graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Queensland Australia with a Diploma of Teaching, she has a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Bemidji State University, as well as a Masters in Art from the University of Wisconsin Superior. Her work reflects the flora and fauna of her homeland, often carving her vessels with shapes and textures inspired by nature. Lyn creates her work in a varying series’, each is created by a particular inspiration. The inspiration for these projects can vary from organic seed pods of the eucalyptus tree, to the skin textures from an Australian water dragon. After combining processes from ancient peoples and drawing inspiration from nature, and her life experiences she tries to make each pot a unique form.