Lisa Ridgers 

Ridgers was born on the South Coast of England and spent part of her childhood living on the quaint island of Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea. Having studied art in England and abroad, Ridgers has developed her own style with a range of mediums and techniques that in their contradiction create a complimentary, uniquely fresh look.

Ridgers' multi-media works have been described as a fusion of organic palette, natural elements and bold texture. Her art can be found in both corporate and private collections in both Europe and The United States where she now resides. The subject matter of her paintings range from her bold minimalist representations to vivid and earthy abstracted landscapes.

"My passion for the diversity found in nature and different cultures inspires me. If I am able to capture the blending of modern and past with the simplicity of our earth's gifts, I feel that I have created an abstract reflection of our world for others to view."