Joseph Theroux 

I’ve been an artist all my life. Growing up in small towns in northern Minnesota afforded me the time and place to closely observe the natural world. I was never far from water. Lakes and streams were everywhere, and the Mississippi River provided a wonderful playground and a great source of inspiration, influencing my work even today.

After studying Studio Art and Art Education in the North, I moved down to the Minneapolis area in 1986 and continued studying at the U of M. I worked as a studio artist in the early 90‘s for JA&M Studios. We cast bronze sculpture for artists all over the globe. Somewhere around that time, I began developing my skills as a photographer. After working as a commercial sculptor for several years I decided to take a break from three dimensional work, and in 2000, began to paint landscapes in oils. I haven’t put the brush down since, even while earning a degree in Graphic Design in 2008. The skills and disciplines I’ve learned over the years have certainly enriched the quality and scope of my paintings. 

Influenced by artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, I’m drawn to finely crafted works that exhibit strong and effective composition. I try to make paintings with lush color, shape and texture harmonies to create images with calming qualities and subtle undercurrents. My work explores familiar concepts and connections we share through our experiences, our contact with one another and the earth we inhabit.

This collection represents a sampling of the artwork by the artist. Please contact Art Resources Gallery to see more available pieces.