Jodi Reeb

“Circles have been a subject matter for me for over 20 years. I identify with the obvious references to the shape; centered, wholeness, sphere, etc. However, the attraction for me is the negative space that a circle or sphere evokes through shadow and space. I appreciate the fact that a circle is both an organic and a geometric shape. I apply changes in texture and color by painting diverse surfaces with materials such as beeswax and metallic paints that patina when they interact and create something new. I begin with a layer of paint or a structure, and from that point on, it becomes about process; making marks and textures, applying materials, responding to each action with a reaction. In this way, spontaneous connections are valued as highly as are planned compositions.  As each work evolves, it gains an identity that eventually solves itself through process, positive and negative space and dimension."

Jodi Reeb lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and as been creating art for over 25 years as a full-time artist. Her work has been shown nationally receiving numerous awards and is in many private and corporate collections nationally. She received a Bachelor’s degree from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design where she instructed printmaking in the Continuing Studies program for over 9 years. Reeb creates her mixed-media paintings and sculptures in the co-op studio at the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art. She is a Golden Paint Artist Educator as well as an R & F Paint Core Artist teaching monthly in acrylic and encaustic paint workshops.  She is the recipient of the 2018 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist's Initiative Grant.

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