Greta Sandquist 

Working from her St Paul studio, Greta paints images inspired by her life of growing up and living in Minnesota. Trained as an illustrator, Greta worked in commercial art for 15 years before following her heart into her true passion of fine art painting in 2009. She sells her work at art fairs, local galleries, and occasionally does commission work for hospitals, hotels, or private collectors. Greta has had amazing mentors along the path of her life, from dedicated high school art teachers to intensive painting classes that truly inspired her. But ultimately, she is self-taught. Through trial and error, and relying on intuition, she has developed her own distinctive style. With a unique eye for color, Greta creates modern impressionistic paintings based on her life experiences. In an increasingly hectic world, Greta beckons her viewers to pause and reflect on the beauty that is all around us that often goes unnoticed. An evening drive home from work. A crow momentarily perched on a branch overhead. These ordinary scenes delight Greta and they become inspirations for paintings. Her passion is to capture the mood of these images through vibrant color and light. Her paintings turn ordinary subjects into something joyful and engaging.