Annie Quigley 

My work is most inspired by my travels; as the daughter of an airline pilot, I have been fortunate to witness such visions as the sun flickering through Saint Peter’s Basilica, the morning light illuminating the Alhambra in Spain, and the dancing shadows cast by the towering trees in Yosemite National Park.  Evoking these memories, I seek to create works that unite natural form with geometric pattern and ethereal light.

I begin each piece on the potter’s wheel, where I love building forms from a simple mound of clay.  Next, I map my designs, often based on portraits of the National Parks, Islamic plaster works, or medieval stained glass onto the leather-hard clay.   I then steadily hand carve each piece, striving for harmony between structural integrity and delicate appearance.  After the bisque firing, I apply a gentle, translucent glaze in order to emphasize the natural luminescence of form.  Finally, my work is kiln-fired to 2,200 degrees to ensure the greatest possible strength. 

I hope that when patrons interact with my work, they are transported to the wondrous places I have journeyed, and at the same time share the sense of joy and warmth that I felt in the creative process.