Jody dePew McLeane  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
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Jody dePew McLeane

Artist Statement
My pastel drawings are derived from actual as well as created situations in which I try to interpret my response to the events I witness. Whether the subject matter is interior scenes, theater or architecture, each drawing has an exquisite sense of light with a heightened color palette. I work from sketches and slides for reference. This body of work features elaborate still life settings in the Old Master tradition as well as fabricated interiors.

The pastel I use is comprised of pure powdered pigment combined with a small amount of binder. They are not oil. Crumbling the pastel in my left palm, I use my hand as a palette, scooping the pigment with my right thumb to apply it to the pastel paper. This technique gives the work a painterly quality. Because the pigment is airborne due to its crumbling, I wear a respirator while working in the studio. When the drawing is completed I steam it to fix the pastel, rather than spraying it with a fixative.

Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO
Bachelor of Arts, Painting, 1967

Group Exhibition of Nine Pastelists: Pathways to Pastel
Dubuque Museum of Art, Dubuque, IA, December 2000 - March 2001

Featured Artist Exhibition
Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC 1997

Silver Medal Award, Pastels
Knickerbocker Artist 42nd Annual Exhibition, New York, NY, 1992

National Arts Club Award
Pastel Society of America, 1991

Salon International Du Pastel
Societé des Pastellistes de France, Lille, France, 1987


Amoco Corporation, Arts Collection, Chicago, IL
Avon Public Library, Avon, CO
Burlington Northern Railroad, Overland Park, KS
Cargill Incorporated, Minnetonka, MN
Goodwill Industries, Durham, NC
Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC
Hallmark Collection, Kansas City, MO
Marine Bank, Milwaukee, WI
Market Shares Bank, Minneapolis, MN
Musicland Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
Mayo Clinic Collection, Rochester, MN
Northwest Airlines, Detroit, MI
Sangamo Club, Springfield, IL
Springfield Civic Collection, Springfield, IL
Stouffers Corporation, Cincinnati, OH
Walt Disney World Corp., Lake Buena Vista, FL